House System

The Guardians – Ascent Classical Academy House System

The House System at Ascent Classical Academy is a unique aspect of the school—each Upper School student is sorted into one of six Houses when they enter seventh grade, which they will remain part of for the rest of their time at Ascent.  The Houses represent organizations within the school to provide for social, athletic, and leadership opportunities for students, allowing for friendly competition between the Houses.

Each House represents one of the cultures in the Western Tradition studied at Ascent Classical, and is named after an historical figure who served as a Guardian of their culture; “Guardian” may mean in the military sense, but also means someone who protects culture, education, and human dignity.  Furthermore, each House has a unique heraldry banner and shield; each of these designs is totally original and unique to our school, designed by our very own Mrs. Maruska, and each following the traditional rules of heraldry.

Each House has their own emblem, or symbol, and colors—according to medieval heraldry, the colors yellow and white represent the precious metals of gold and silver, respectively.  Students will have the opportunity to wear shirts associated with their House on certain days of the week in order to show their House pride.  Students with siblings will all be in the same House.