Alfred the Great


Guardian of England

House Emblem: The Wyvern of Wessex
House Colors: Red, silver, gold, and black
Heads of House: Mr. Richardson. Mrs. Maruska

Alfred the Great was the king of Wessex when the Vikings were invading and attempting to take England. Recognizing the threat of these Danes, Alfred attempted to reform his kingdom to improve their ability to fight; in addition to creating a system to cycle through active soldiers, creating the first standing army in English history, as well as the first English navy, Alfred developed the burghs, fortified towns spaced one day’s march from each other. These were to be refuges for his people, places where they could be protected from the Danish invaders. Alfred used these reforms to push out the Danes, establishing the basis for the modern Kingdom of England. He also personally supported education and culture in his kingdom, leading to a renaissance of English culture. The silver band, or “fess,” going across the banner represents the burghs built by Alfred. The wyvern, or dragon without hind legs, is the traditional emblem of Alfred’s kingdom, Wessex.