Guardian of the Holy Roman Empire

House Emblem: The double-headed eagle
House Colors: Purple, gold, and silver

Charlemagne, or “Charles the Great,” was crowned as the first Holy Roman Emperor on Christmas Day of the year 800; he was the first ruler to unite western Europe since the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Among his many accomplishments, Charlemagne fought against people trying to invade his empire, built new towns, cities, and churches, and reintroduced Roman-style education in his empire. He was personally committed to culture and education, and strove to bring efficient and effective administration to his large empire. His colors of purple and gold are the traditional colors of royalty, befitting his status as the highest-ranking House Guardian, and the curved gold band reminds of the sword-belt of Charlemagne’s paladins, worn over their hearts to inspire loyalty. The two-headed eagle, looking both forward and back, to both the past and the future, calls members of Charlemagne House to act with prudence and justice.