(C. 519-430 BC) 

Guardian of the Roman Republic

House Emblem: The fasces
House Colors: Green, gold, black, and silver

Cincinnatus had been a Roman farmer and former senator. In 458 BC, when the Republic was still in its infancy, it was threatened by invasion from the Æqui. In response, the Senate appointed Cincinnatus to serve as dictator, granting him absolute power for six months to lead the army and defeat the enemy. Cincinnatus was able to crush Rome’s foes in just two weeks. More important, though, was his decision to give up his absolute power after those two weeks, five and a half months before he had to, in order to preserve the institutions of the Roman Republic. His emblem, the fasces, is a traditional emblem of the Roman Republic: it is a bundle of sticks wrapped around an axe. It represents the power of the state as well as the importance of unity in the Republic. The green of the banner reflects Cincinnatus’ role as a farmer, as well as the prosperity and fertility of the young Republic.