(c. 630-560 BC) 

Guardian of Athens

House Emblem: The Owl of Athena
House Colors: Sky blue, silver, black, and gold

Solon was the Lawgiver of Athens. Athens had been living under a brutal law code, bringing pain to the people and forcing many to be sold into slavery away from Athens. To fix this terrible circumstance, the people of Athens chose to give Solon absolute power in the city in 594 BC, trusting him to make the necessary reforms. Not only did Solon reform the law code as Athens hoped, he also sought out all the enslaved Athenians and brought them home. His devotion to his people make him a worthy House Guardian at Ascent. The border of the House Banner is reminiscent of the olive tree, sacred to Athena and crucial for Greek food and culture; it also represents the walls that guarded Athens from enemies.