C. 540-480 BC)
Guardian of Sparta

House Emblem: The Lambda
House Colors: Blood red, black, gold, and silver

Leonidas was the king of Sparta during the Persian Wars, when the Persian Empire of Xerxes the Great was invading Greece. In 480 BC, Leonidas assembled the army of the Greeks and led them to the Pass of Thermopylae to face the invaders. After the Greeks were betrayed and defeat was absolutely certain, Leonidas sent the other Greeks to return home to fight another day; meanwhile, he and his 300 Spartan soldiers stayed and fought to the last man. The three lambdas on the House Banner are in memoriam of those brave 300 Spartans, as well as the spears they wielded to defend Greece. Proud members of the House of Leonidas will remember their House Guardian’s sacrifice and sense of duty towards his fellow Greeks.