The Liberal Arts Path to Excellence in STEM

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, or Simply, STEM, is all the rage in education circles these days. STEM schools are thought to be a sure route to obtaining “21st Century Skills” leading to a good job, and parents are demanding more of the specialty programs.

Where does this leave liberal arts education in the world of STEM?

Some people may not immediately realize, but liberal arts education is a well-rounded approach to educating the whole person and includes a focus on math and science, as well as history, literature, and the fine arts/music.

Colorado STEM School Performance

US News and World Report has ranked the Top 250 STEM High Schools in the United States. Eight Colorado schools were included in this ranking.  Four of these schools were charter schools and four have a liberal arts focus: the Classical Academy High School (#74), D’Evelyn Junior/Senior High School (#128), Liberty Common School (#140), and the Vanguard School (#167).

When considering the best education for your child, consider a strong liberal arts program like Ascent Classical Academy that will prepare him for the challenges of science, math, and engineering as well as acquiring a broad understanding of the rest of the world.