Vision and Mission

Ascent Classical Academy develops the moral and intellectual skills, habits, and virtues upon which independent, responsible, and joyful lives are built, in the firm belief that such lives are the basis for a free and flourishing republic.

This is achieved by always working to train the minds and improve the hearts of young people through a classical, content-rich education in the liberal arts and sciences, with instruction in the principles of moral character and civic virtue in an orderly and disciplined environment.

Our Motto


‘Out of the darkness towards the greater things’ is a summation of the purpose of Ascent Classical Academies. The Western Tradition holds that all men are born into the darkness of ignorance – a form of  enslavement that the human  soul longs to be freed from. The path to this freedom takes the form of a  steep and rugged ascent into the light, which we call education. Our teachers lead our students throughout this ascent, giving them the tools and guidance necessary to make the climb out of  that darkness. Our heart is to cultivate our student’s natural curiosity and wonder, help them to recognize their state of ignorance, and inspire them to  pursue truth, goodness, and  beauty.  Although challenging,  the climb towards understanding shapes our students into young men and women of character and integrity. It is our conviction that only the one who learns the True, does the Good, and loves the Beautiful can ever be truly free.

Our School Pledge

“I will learn the true. I will do the good. I will love the beautiful.”